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SHILDA Winery was founded in 2014, but the story began yet many years ago. The great love and respect for wine - this divine drink, encouraged the company founders to expand their family winery and to bring winemaking tradition to a new level passing this living heritage from generation to generation. Our winery is located in the principal region of the viniculture of Georgia – Kakheti, village Shilda. Located on 6 ha, SHILDA Winery is equipped with modern Italian and French facilities.


SHILDA is a multiband winery, that adopts a unique method of vineyard selection and management. Different techniques used for harvest and winemaking allow us to create a wide range of wines for conceptually different trademarks.


Beautiful village Shilda with its rich history is situated in the principal region of the viniculture of Georgia - Kakheti. Shilda lies at the foot of the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountain range. This unique place is within one of the most prominent areas - the Kindzmarauli zone. The special climate and diversity of the mineral-rich soil create unique natural conditions for grape growing.

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