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Single Vineyard & Signature Blend

Single Vineyard Wine- the purest expression of terroir in each wine.

H.R.H. Prince Juan (Ioane) Bagrationi of Georgia is pleased to introduce his wines under the brand "Prince Ioane Bagrationi". With the premium Georgian wines, he aspires to further enrich Georgia's wine industry.


Acknowledged by UNESCO for being the cradle of wine, Georgia proudly traces its winemaking history to the first cultivated grapevines that originated in the country 8 000 years ago.


Prince Ioane revives this tradition in the royal family and also seeks to bring innovation to winemaking whilst preserving the Georgian winemaking traditional method.

Georgia is a country of 12 different climate zones and 49 types of soils - the small territory with a large biosphere and an immense number of the same grape variety tasting totally different depending on vineyard location. For our wine production, we carefully choose specific vineyards, researching soil composition, hours of sunlight, wind, and humidity, selecting only those who tend to produce great fruit. Prince Ioane Bagrationi terroir-driven wines are grown in the exact same soil, with the same micro-climate conditions, by the same people who tenderly care on each piece of a vineyard, which is the pure guarantee of stable quality and unique taste of specific varieties. Single-vineyard wines are limited to the size of the vineyard but are exceptional with tasting notes and distinct aromas.

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