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Old Vineyards

Old Vineyard Wines – an intensive and rich taste that comes only with the age.

Shota Rustaveli (XII-XIII) - Georgian poet and humanist, author of the immortal poem of the oriental renaissance “The Knight in the

Panther’s Skin”.

In the homeland of wine, attitude towards the vine has been extremely delicate for thousands of years. Georgian winegrowers cherished and treated vineyards like the most precious belongings, preserved them in the best condition for decades. The tradition of keeping old vineyards is still alive, believing that wine of old vines is unique in characteristics, with more concentrated taste and structure. As a vine ages, it undergoes a number of changes that directly affect the quality of grapes it produces. These changes include forming stronger and deeper roots, enabling the vine to benefit from a more diverse range of nutrients and minerals, which are reflected in vibrant aromas and flavors.

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